How God is Interacting with Us

Just as God speaks for Himself regarding who He is and what He is doing, He also speaks to us regarding how He is interacting with us; and this picture is internally consistent with Person and Work!

The easiest way to visualize His interactions with us is to look at the milestones in the life of Saul of Tarsus who later become known as the Apostle Paul:

*Salvation (____);
*Sanctification/Spiritual Transformation/Equipping (____);
*Sending (____);
*Sustaining (____);
*Home Calling (____).

Not only does He give us this “executive summary” of these milestones in the life of the Apostle Paul, but He also gives us the details of His role in transforming us from our former temporal existence without Him to our current and future existence with His Indwelling Presence!